WA Limestone achieved ISO standard (International Organisation for Standardisation) certification in May 2015 for their Quality Management System under the ISO 9001:2008 standard, Environmental Management System within the ISO 14001:2004, along with the Occupational Health and Safety Management System AS/NZ 4801:2001 under the Joint Australia/ New Zealand standards.

In May 2018 the organisation transitioned their Quality Management System to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and upgraded their Environmental Management System to ISO 14001:2015.

Operating within the Quality standards ISO 9001:2015 enables continuous improvement of the quality management systems designed to advance performance while addressing customer satisfaction, including processes to ensure conformity with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

The ISO 14001:2015 standard helps achieve the intended outcomes of its environmental management system, which provides value for the environment, and interested parties, allowing comfort for community members that the environmental components of the operations are being appropriately managed.

The OHS management system AS/NZ 4801:2001 ensures the organisation complies with relevant OHS legislation, standards and codes of practice. It establishes a framework to identify and manage hazards and safety risks and put the necessary control measures in place.

Quality Management System Certificate- ISO 9001:2015  click here to read more

Environmental Management System Certificate – ISO 14001:2015 click here to read more

Health and Safety Management System Certificate –  AS/NZ 4801:2001  click here to read more